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Flying Canoe Hard Cider, the mission, the business, the fun and the passion is all about community and our tribe along with the movement and story that is Flying Canoe.


As the leader of Flying Canoe, I have a huge personal connection to the area. My father was raised in Lowertown and my mother raised in Pointe Gatineau. Both from very poor French Canadian families. My dad, born in the Depression era always said three things:


  1. "Never trust anybody who wears suspenders and a belt at the same time."

  2. "Always listen more than you talk."

  3. "You don't know poor and cold unless you lived my life. Keep your socks two feet away from the radiator and they freeze and right at the radiator and they burned."


He lived on Boteler Street in the Byward Market. Eventually, I lived in an apartment right above where his family's old house once stood.


The Byward Market was predominately French and Irish (amongst many other backgrounds). People trying to make it in a growing city and often looked down upon for the being there but they were tough and they fought hard to make a life for themselves in Lowertown.


Part of my father's family, about a hundred years ago after migrating gradually away from our landing place a century or so before, once lived in the Gatineau area and around Perkins, Quebec. They were loggers who are really what the Flying Canoe legend is based around.


On my mother's side of the family, they inhabited and owned farms and orchards in the Rougemont, Quebec region now globally known for it's apples and apple products.


The one thing that they all had in common was hard work.  Hard work like the extra distance that we at Flying Canoe go to make our always refreshing small batch and handcrafted hard cider. It is about the same struggle that Flying Canoe Hard Cider has been through. From the seed of an idea to what it is today.

Read more about the Byward Market and Lowertown here:


Pete Rainville

Chief Imagineer

Flying Canoe Hard Cider

Ottawa's First Hard Cider Manufacturer