Limited Edition Five Acre Hard Cider 500 mL.

Limited Edition Five Acre Hard Cider 500 mL.


Celebrating doing our part in the temporary removal of Ontario’s “five acre” rule with something different and marking our fourth year as a Ottawa’s first hard cider company on Canada Day and also our birth as Spencerville’s first cidery, we made you something really special. We offer you a limited edition traditional 6.65% hard cider that’s totally dry yet with a nice balanced acidity. Expect a zero residual sugar “still” hard cider in a classical swing top bottle like the way we made it when we started making hard cider nearly 25 years ago. Aged for at least four months with a taste mixture of sweet, bitter and tart that all together cross your palate and, as always, it’s crafted with a subtle natural apple taste just like our Flying Canoe Hard Cider. This is as stripped down to grassroots as you can get without being naked. You get a buck back from us if you return your bottle later on which we’ll donate directly to a local charity. Online orders only. Introducing a special limited edition of “Five Acre” Hard Cider by the MacKintosh Cider House. Price includes all applicable taxes and collectable bottle deposit.


    Tell us when you’ll be here to pick up. We are open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven (7) days a week.

    Park in the carport at 9 Spencer Street in Spencerville. Our location at the corner of Spencer and Centre Street purposely only has space for one vehicle at a time.

    Open the trunk or rear access of your vehicle where you want the Flying Canoe placed. Note that any alcohol must always be unopened and preferably out of the driver’s reach at all times. Get back in your vehicle and, as we approach, show us your name and proof of age with a picture identification through your window. If everything’s good, we’ll place your order in your vehicle.

    When you get to your destination...enjoy! And thank you for supporting local.

    Please don’t drink and drive.


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