INSPIRED. I felt like I was a kid again when I started the bottling of my first batch of hard cider in a long time. I was so proud of what I had accomplished and made by hand. And, honestly, it's a really good product. I truly feel alive again making something that I love.


Having the passion to take it somewhere and to make it happen: there's a long road ahead to get to the place I want to be but in the journey there is adventure. I am doing something really great and am taking every step to make it perfect.


Flying Canoe Hard Cider, the mission, the business, the fun and the passion is something that I am doing for myself. But it's also for my family including our two boys, Chase and Kaelen, and for the person who has always been there for me as I hope that I have been for her. The person that shares my life and my passion for everything we are to each other and as we have been for the past many years.


To my soulmate, sweetheart and wife. And, to you, part of our tribe, thank you!


Sláinte to infinity and beyond!


Pete Rainville

Chief Imagineer

Flying Canoe Hard Cider

Ottawa's First Hard Cider Manufacturer


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