The key in making anything good is to use the finest ingredients. Ask any great chef or even someone who just enjoys cooking at home. Along with time and nurturing, many delicious things can happen.


That's why Flying Canoe Hard Cider uses only Ontario apples from the original McIntosh orchard. For an orchard to grow and flourish, it takes an enormous amount of energy and simply put, love.


It's a long history and tradition that starts right here in our own backyard. The descendants of this first McIntosh tree and the many that have grown in the same place for over 200 years have long since been passed on to new caretakers. Caring for these precious apple trees means that the apples and the apple cider that they now press in this location for Flying Canoe is of the highest calibre, for standards and quality.

Since the times of John McIntosh now centuries ago, the orchard is now run by Smyth's Orchard and the family of Dean and Nikki Beckstead in Dundela, Ontario. Between the Becksteads of Smyth's Orchard and the Rainvilles of Flying Canoe, we have an amazing family team.


We encourage you to visit them sometime. They are always there to offer their great apples and apple products.


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